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Found 2 results

  1. Laba diena, mano nickname serve yra hypE` aš du kartus vakar pirkau unban'a ir visdar ban'e sėdžiu. Prašau unbaninkit mane. Info galiu duoti
  2. Hey everyone. Im gonna apologize in advance since i have no idea what are the rules about unbans in this server since 70% of the page including rules and reason of the ban are not translatable into english. Last night i was playing with my GF few maps on konteris server and after situation 2vs1 on inferno i got banned. So i guess i should explain both kills. In small house / ballcony on mid at inferno guy kills my gf so i was pretty sure he is still over there, if he would jump down i would heard it. 2nd kill is on mid behind boxes on the way to T base. Drop of the bomb was over there and situation was 1vs1. As i was jumping down from ballcony i went to mid and im pretty sure i saw gun pointing out of boxes to the direction of mid. So i decided to troll since it was already late and 5v5 or something like that and i gave him knife killl from the top of boxes. I know it might piss someone off but its not reason to ban anyone. Especially if you have server where is free microphone chat + voice chat for dead or alive across the team with free spectate mode... Thx for reconsidering this ban, i was admin on my own on many servers way back at 1.5 on os servers and i find silly to be banned for something like this